Parkview Green FangCaoDi is a landmark commercial building, located in Beijing and one of the most-watched countries in the world, China. Its Green credentials address the prevailing needs of the city in conserving energy and battling air pollution for long-term sustainability. It is one of the first major mixed-use buildings being awarded LEED Platinum in China.
The project has won many international awards since its completion. Yet all the accolades and admirations heaped upon it did not come easily. The project took over 10 years in the making, overcoming numerous engineering, statutory obstacles along with its gestation phase and overwhelming construction costs during implementation against Beijing's grand Olympic projects. It is a technologically complex building, yet without such technologies, the project would never have come to fruition. It is not an exact science but an imagination, but the belief that we can make a difference drives us to push boundaries convincingly step by step.

Close-up of replica of ship in the lobby of Hotel Éclat Beijing
Close-up of decorations in the lobby of Hotel Éclat Beijing