Taipei 101

An outstanding landmark is enough to transform a city, e.g. the Empire State Building in New York City, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the new Jinmao Mansion in Shanghai. In the 21st century, Taipei needs a more expansive stage for a more brilliant performance. 101 stories above ground and 5 stories below, the 508-meter-tall Taipei 101 is an engineering feat that’s expected to bring Taipei to the world.

With the grand opening of the office tower, TAIPEI 101 hosted an inauguration ceremony on December 31, 2004 to celebrate the start of a new era. The celebration reached its climax at night when the main tower was lit and fireworks were displayed to welcome the coming of 2005: a new year for Taipei 101 to shine.

In Februday 2005 the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation signed a lease with TAIPEI101. Soon after that on April 18 The Bayer Group became the first transcontinental company to move into the TAIPEI 101 Financial Building. Winterthur Insurance Group, ABN AMRO Bank and GOOGLE become our valued tenants. With the growing interests from global enterprises, TAIPEI 101 has proven to be a beacon of Taiwan’s economical progress.


TAIPEI 101 is a major BOT project that represents the first joint effort between the Taipei City Government and the private sector. Backed by 10 businesses, the Taipei Financial Center (TFC) Corp. was established on July 7 and is the land developer responsible for the planning, implementation, operation and management of the project. The shareholders are 14 renowned domestic businesses. 

Not only committed to the highest building standards regarding construction hardware, TAIPEI 101 also pursues world-class software in terms of operation and management. From building design, structural engineering, construction and recruiting to operation and management, the project has attracted global expertise to formulate one of the world’s most powerful international teams. TAIPEI 101 aims to introduce talent and technology from abroad, to bring an international vision to the domestic team and boost the local construction business. The most advanced skyscraper construction, operation and planning experience is expected to add even more value to the project in the long term.

Bringing Taipei to the world

Located in the finest district Taipei has to offer, TAIPEI 101 is the largest engineering project ever in the history of the Taiwan construction business. Supported by a dozen or so domestic businesses, the TFC Corp. was fortunate to have local and international experts in charge of the planning, and world-class architect C.Y. Lee was responsible for the design of the project. The design transcends the uni-body concept and is based on the Chinese number 8, a numeral long considered lucky in Chinese culture. Eight-floor structural units are connected one by one on top of each other to form the whole. This kind of rhythmic aesthetic is new to skyscrapers.

The sectional TAIPEI 101 employs a Mega Structure System for disaster and wind damage prevention. As every eight floor constitutes an autonomous space, wind effects on the surface seen in high-rise buildings are eliminated. The design of the foundation guarantees pedestrian safety and comfort. Resembling the flexible yet persistent bamboo that rises into the sky, the building is a reflection of traditional Chinese building philosophy. Inclining 7 degrees inwards, the structure increases in size as it gets higher. The transparent and non-reflective curtain walls are energy efficient and heat reflective, enabling those in Taiwan’s tallest building to have a clear view of the world around them. High-tech materials and innovative illumination creates a see-through effect with transparency and clarity that facilitates the harmony between the building and its natural environment.

The Hsinyi Planned District: A Sparkling Urban Gem

At present, the Hsinyi Planned District is Taipei’s only large-scale master-planned district. Its comprehensive structural plan has attracted numerous businesses and made it Taipei’s new city center. TAIPEI101 is located at the very center of the Hsinyi Planned District, its main building occupying around 30,277 square meters. The Hsinyi District features spacious boulevards, landscaped parks and lovely mountain views and is considered one of Taiwan’s most livable environments.

The Hsinyi Planned District’s comprehensively planned transportation system makes it an attractive destination for consumer automobile traffic. Around 30 public bus routes pass by the TAIPEI101 main entrance, and the building offers 1,800 parking spaces, with 7,000 additional spaces within a ten-minute walk. MRT Hsinyi line directly reaches TAIPEI101.


  •  Site area: 9,159 ping (30,277 square meter)
  •  Total floor area: about 114,737 ping (379,296 square meter)
  •  Shopping mall floor area (not including the parking lot): 23,744 ping (78,491 square meter)
  •  Office building floor area: 65,269 ping(215,767 square meter)

7 Section 5, Xinyi Road 111 Taipei City Taiwan

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