The TWTC was started in January, 1986 by Taiwan's foremost trade promotion organization, the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), to provide a single, modern venue that would combine exhibition space, conference facilities, offices, and hotel accommodation for international business. TWTC combines every possible service that brings together a vast consulting service on trade-related issues, trading partners, suppliers, and markets. 

This four-in-one complex is designed to accommodate the needs of the international business community, which is why there is not just one, but four structures at the TWTC. The Exhibition Hall, Int'l Convention Center, Int'l Trade Building and Grand Hyatt, all comprise one integrated business complex. The TWTC stands at the forefront of world trade while serving as a model for global trade centers. 

The Exhibition Hall

The Exhibition Hall, often called Exhibition Hall 1, has 7 floors, with a total 159,329 square meters of floor space. Since its opening in 1986, this site has become Asia’s most dynamic showground in the promotion of world trade and industry through the hosting of short and long term exhibitions that meet every need.

Those organizing or visiting local and international exhibitions can enjoy a full menu of services with Hall facilities including “everything” like a post office, bank, restaurant, conference rooms, bounded warehousing, courier services, travel service, booth decoration service, copying/faxing service, trade library, trade book store, emergency medical clinic and forwarding service.

The Exhibition Hall, 1st Floor Showground

Taiwan’s largest exhibition hall is a landmark on the nation’s business horizon. This showground consists of 23,450 square meters and it is divided into 4 areas with a capacity for 1,300 standard exhibition booths. When this space is not being used for one of the 25 annual Taipei International Trade Shows, it is often being used by various organizations to stage more than 60 annual consumer and trade exhibitions.

The Exhibition Hall, 2nd Floor Showground

Area H, on the 2nd floor of the Exhibition Hall offers 4,789 square meters and a capacity for 250 standard exhibition booths. A pedestrian sky bridge runs from it directly into TAIPEI 101, the world’s highest building.

The International Trade Mart

The upper levels of the Exhibition Hall (2F to 7F) hosts the International Trade Mart, with 1,069 showrooms and the most representative showcase of Taiwan products. This space is subdivided into the upper level Import Mart (7F) that hosts foreign trade offices and the Export Mart (2F to 6F) which highlights top Taiwan products and suppliers.

Exhibition Hall 3

Exhibition Hall 3 with 6,748 square meters of showground space has the capacity for 365 standard exhibition booths. It stands just next to TAIPEI 101, the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Warner Village. A great place for your function or event!

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